Procure to Pay

Do you recognize the following in your procure to pay process?

  • Inefficient communication with suppliers regarding shifts in customer demand.
  • High inventory levels due to unpredictable order fulfillment patterns at suppliers.
  • Insufficient and inaccurate data exchange throughout your procure to pay cycle.
  • Excessive time spent on managing internal and external order changes.
  • Inaccurate KPI monitoring of key trading partners.
  • Slow invoicing processes causing delays in your payments.

In today's procure to pay environment, more companies seek for clever solutions to collaborate faster and efficient with their key suppliers, outsourced manufacturers, co-packers and logistic service providers. Their main focus relies on improving real-time visibility and control over all aspects of direct spend and material management, while at the same time streamlining both internal and external processes to become more cost-efficient and responsive than ever before. We believe that efficient supply chain collaboration can only be reached with the support of an easy, deployable and efficiently integrated procure to pay environment.

Collaboration throughout your procure to pay process

Quyntess offers a flexible Software as a Service (SaaS) solution to optimize supplier collaboration by automating all procure to pay processes at once through one single connection. Our procure to pay platform fully automates all supply chain processes and seamlessly integrates with any ERP system. By capturing all information in one single interface for Forecasts, Purchase Orders, Purchase Order Confirmations, Inventory levels, Advance Ship Notice (ASN) and electronic invoicing messages, any business partner within your procure to pay environment gets full end-to-end visibility over real-time process activities. Streamlining your collaboration processes on this procure to pay platform eliminates costly administrative workload, reduces errors in your supply chain and increases supply chain responsiveness with the help of accurate and transparent information interchange. Our procure to pay solution enables you to scale current and future resources with flexible on-demand cloud technology to dynamically manage suppliers, processes, procurement budgets, inventory levels, on time payments and KPI measurements across your entire supply chain.

Procure to pay

Procure to pay benefits of our platform:

  • End-to-end procure to pay process captured and visible in one interface.
  • Reduced costs with fully integrated workflow and business process management.
  • Supplier and partner performance management based on up-to-date KPIs.
  • Ability to react immediately to exceptions and changes.
  • Improved visibility, supplier management and collaboration.
  • Fully branded to your company's look and feel: your procure to pay platform!

Quyntess simplifies procure to pay processes by:

  • Streamlining the operational processes between yourself and all of your supply chain partners: supporting collaboration with your suppliers, outsourced manufacturers, co-packers and logistic partners.
  • Providing seamless procure to pay automation with on-demand EDI connections to EDI-capable partners and an integrated collaboration portal for non-EDI partners.
  • Providing an on-demand subscription model with volume-based pricing: no software, no up-front investment, scalable and reliable.
  • Easy adoption and fast roll-out achieved by bringing your key business partners onboard in a matter of weeks.

Would you like to see for yourself how you can improve your procure to pay processes? Would you like more information on implementing this supplier collaboration platform in conjunction with the existing processes in your ERP system? Visit our download section or contact one of our consultants.