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In an ever-changing business world, fast integrations and efficient supply chains are of paramount importance. We understand the current challenges associated with your entire supply chain and offer tailored solutions for seamless business operations.


91% of companies started a digital transformation

But the question that arises is: How do you become fully digital? How do you achieve the highest level of efficiency and competitiveness in an increasingly digital business environment? The answer lies in effective EDI validation, which ensures that data can flow seamlessly between different platforms - from "any to many"

41% of companies haven't implemented EDI yet

These companies face higher risks of process inefficiencies and are missing out on the substantial advantages that EDI solutions offer: faster, more accurate, and highly efficient business data communication between companies. This results in reduced lead times and a significant boost in competitiveness

35% reduction in transaction costs

EDI transactions eliminate paper costs, printing, storage, and manual document exchange, resulting in significant cost reduction. In contrast to the traditional paper-based method, which can take weeks and lead to errors, EDI enables almost instantaneous, error-free exchange of orders and invoices between buyers and suppliers.

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Invest in EDI for sustainable Growth

EDI is a future-proof solution that enables companies to keep pace with the ever-changing demands of the B2B market. The technology is scalable and can seamlessly adapt to your company's growth. By integrating EDI into your business processes, you are laying the foundation for an efficient and successful future.

Invest in EDI and reap the benefits of streamlined operations, cost and time savings, and increased security. Contact us today to learn more about the advantages of EDI in B2B and how we can assist you in implementing this powerful technology. 


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QIS 360° EDI

When it comes to Managed EDI Services by using our QIS 360° EDI offering, organizations are in for a customized, future-proof integration solution that takes the headache out of management tasks. By opting for managed EDI services, you not only cut down on hardware and software costs but also say goodbye to the hassle of manual processes. It paves the way for effortless integration with global platforms like Peppol, sparing you from expensive point-to-point connections. With QIS's support for various message formats and communication protocols, you can smoothly connect with any business partner or platform. Plus, QIS offers fast partner onboarding, flexible subscription options, and real-time monitoring for a seamless data exchange experience.


Tradeshift (Babelway) by Quyntess

We offer an Integration Platform as a Service for a simplified approach to EDI, making it accessible to everyone, even if you are not an IT or EDI expert. This empowers you to take charge of your EDI connections by yourself, eliminating the need for intermediaries. You are in control and can seek assistance when necessary. This Integration Platform as a Service supports all B2B connection standards, both current and future, allowing you to create new connections by yourself effortlessly, enhance security with SSL or certificates, route messages, and define retry strategies for seamless connectivity. You also have the flexibility to choose from various file formats and a wide range of transaction types, including reusing your previous setups.


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Very strong EDI integration brokerage. Ability to collaborate effectively with a wide range of our suppliers to establish EDI connections to the supply chain portal solution. Professional and knowledgeable. Quyntess provided excellent support during implementation and maintained stable performance once implemented."

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