How to keep operations smooth and efficient in times of change?

Driving business transformation in times of an increasing tempo of announced and unforeseen changes already is difficult enough.  Minimizing customer impact at the same time, while keeping the operating cost under control, makes the focus balance extra challenging. Progressive operations leaders recognize how digital supply chain collaboration helps to achieve data-driven risk assessment, to speed up business replanning and allows you to improve your workforce efficiency and productivity, wall to wall.

Employee churn

Employees seem to be less loyal in times of high demand for talent. Bringing new hires up to speed is costly and with inflation having its impact on labour costs, you often end up paying more money for less experienced people. What remains to be questioned, is the need to simply replace people or if technology can help to simplify or eliminate tasks and reorganize the workload.

IT is running behind

A complex and fragmented IT-landscape often keeps companies from getting accurate and complete data insights, due to the lack of integration. It also takes more time and resource capacity to move away from a large diversity of systems to newer technology. Division leaders separately push for solution replacement, which often leads to an incoherent digital agenda.

Customer impact

Incorporating more resilience into the organization is often done through the investment in better planning technology. The execution of the plan however remains crucial to eventually meet the customer promise and keep your delivery performance up to level. Bringing planning and execution together in a renewed end-to-end supply chain strategy is often difficult.

Inspiration for operations leaders to drive change that pays off

Shape and lead a coalition of the willing

You have the most influential and connecting role, so team up

How do you eat an elephant? A bite at a time, but are you willing to go that slow? Finding hungry companions that understand the end goal and are loyal to the mutually agreed execution plan, will bring you much faster to an empty plate. If you can make fellow leaders in procurement, manufacturing, logistics, quality, finance and customer success understand that your company can become more agile, resilient and competitive if everybody makes a joint and coordinated effort, you are breaking down silos.

Luckily, there is a lot you can offer in return for this cross-departmental contribution. All stakeholders will be able to give their teams more visibility, control and efficiencies, while elevating the entire organization to the next level of strength and elasticity. The transition to a digital supply chain will be extremely rewarding and something to be widely recognized for.

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You do not have to pave the way

"Many customers regularly ask us about sustainability initiatives. Our answer is honest, practical, and committed. For us, sustainability is not a fad or a PR exercise; it is a business imperative that must be woven into every aspect of our activity, from global strategy to in-warehouse execution."

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Chief Executive Officer
Logistics Industry

Our approach

Most praised apps by Operations Leaders

Introducing our SCM Apps capable of fulfilling all business priorities with seamless integration

With our commitment to incorporating composability into your digital transformation strategy, we offer API-driven process integration between apps and external systems, providing the flexibility to focus on your specific improvement priorities. Our capabilities cover your entire supply chain process, end-to-end, including e.g. forecasts, procurement, inventory, logistics, services, quality, invoicing, and many more. All are accessible through a modern and global collaboration network.

By covering the complexity behind the screens of our applications and through our advanced data model layer, your teams can effortlessly navigate through a user-friendly interface to manage their tasks in a better way. This results in enhanced access to real-time data, smarter performance indicators, improved AI capabilities, and an ever-growing supply chain ecosystem.


Forecast Collaboration

The Forecast Collaboration App allows collaboration between buyers and suppliers on developments in time-phased demand. With this app, both parties have access to the same demand and supply data, can set up a contract-based procurement process, and will be guided by the workflow to efficiently move through changes in the supply plan and the associated capacity from the supplier.


SCM Dashboard

The Supply Chain Management Dashboard is designed to better track and control collaboration with various suppliers and turn supply chain data into actionable insights. The app offers different screens and parameters that make it possible to get a single version of the truth about the performance of individual and/or all suppliers and other partners, creating a unique passage to your KPI metrics.


Logistics Collaboration

The Logistics Collaboration App simplifies communication and collaboration around the transportation process, enabling a continuous and orderly flow of real-time data between buyers, suppliers, carriers, and/or forwarders. The end-to-end integration of carrier information related to transport orders and freight costs allows automated invoice flipping across multiple connected ecosystems.


Shipment Collaboration

With the Shipment Collaboration App, suppliers can easily build shipments from open Order Lines or Schedules and announce these to buyers as well as to a logistic service provider. These Advance Shipment Notifications (ASNs) are your most effective control of actual supply performance. Advanced features are also available, such as "pack-and-stack", and data enrichment with serial numbers and certificates.


Slot Booking

The Slot Booking app allows multi-site streamlining dock door schedules booked by carriers, suppliers, or consignees to optimize the daily planning of the truck arrivals and departures based on given openings and dock capabilities. Its main purpose is to avoid site congestion and avoid waiting times, and improve resource planning and overall site performance. It also allows you to be more proactive when it comes to time-critical material arrivals.


Could not find a suitable solution for your priority here?

The Quyntess app suite consists of 13 comprehensive apps that allow you to improve collaboration across the supply chain. Learn more about each app and find a suitable solution to match your business requirements around order collaboration, co-manufacturing, product data management, maintenance and quality, virtual payment cards, or electronic invoicing.

Digital Transformation Workshop

Quyntess offers you a complementary Digital Transformation Workshop, designed to make you aware of and prioritize your supply chain needs. This allows you to identify potential areas for improvement and develop an actionable plan to deliver better supply chain performance.  

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With more than 100 companies and 20 manufacturing sites, AVK Group had to deal with a large global supplier base. Because these were predominantly Asia-based casting suppliers, AVK Group’s purchasing team’s day-to-day operations were impeded by cultural differences, different time zones, and language barriers.

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