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Car manufacturers, automotive OEMs, tier 1 and tier 2 suppliers, and dealerships face significant pressure to overhaul their global operations and adapt to the ever-evolving landscape of mobility. Hence, it is inevitable to find innovative approaches to proactively foresee risks throughout your inbound material supply chain and safeguard the supply of crucial parts and continue to improve efficiency for commodities and other materials.

EV adoption increase

A 90% increase in EV sales and a transition towards emission-free vehicles requires the industry to go into “business-as-unusual” to take advantage of the opportunities and avoid becoming obsolete. Managing through this transition with the ramp-down of the traditional model and ramp-up of a new model with fewer but more expensive and critical parts, fewer suppliers but still additional ones to the existing supply base as well as changes in the core manufacturing process combined with different logistics schemes is going to be formidable. 


Raises safety stock

Due to increasing unpredictability leading to disruption of the 'just-in-time' model that has been foundational to the industry for decades, manufacturers have started to go to ad-hoc 'just-in-case' strategies for parts without changing operational processes with their suppliers. By shifting from ‘just-in-time’ to ‘just-in-case’ strategies, manufacturers hold more stock to protect against unplanned disruptions. The write-downs of excess and obsolete inventory often follow stocking binges. Hence, larger safety stocks are a remedy, not a cure.


Has limited visibility

Automotive supply chains are built to bring large numbers of components together into a just-in-time / just-in-sequence manufacturing process. Even with the other 2 trends, the top operational challenge within automotive supply chains is to ensure full visibility throughout the procure-to-pay cycle including logistics planning and execution. 81% have implemented supply chain visibility solutions, but only 13% are real-time enough, and link material flows to the designated transportation processes. Virtually none will track beyond the next tier of suppliers.

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Our apps provide a distinctive value proposition tailored to your specific industry needs. Whether you seek to enhance collaboration in procurement, forecasts, inventory, manufacturing, logistics, maintenance & quality, or invoicing, we offer a cost-effective and modular solution for your digital transformation project.

We understand that your internal systems and the IT landscape with a large number of trading partners might be complex. However, with the Quyntess supply chain apps, you can automate business processes from your backend systems to a global ecosystem of trading partners efficiently. The best part is, you will experience tangible savings and benefits within a matter of weeks, not years.

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"We have enrolled the Transport Capacity Management System for all VW Group factories worldwide with all our target markets and for all of our modes of transport. I must say that this system has brought a lot of efficiency to the network. We have optimized our collaborative forecasts, which benefits our service providers' abilities to plan.” 

Alexandra Lippke-Kubsch
Head of Services and Simulation
Volkswagen Group

Our approach

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Introducing SCM Apps to meet any priority with seamless integration

The powerful Quyntess app suite focuses on all facets of digital communication, components and parts tracking at every stage, streamlined collaboration processes, and supply chain performance indicators. All of these capabilities are available on a single collaborative business network. This empowers you with the flexibility to focus on your specific digital transformation objectives with ease.

Additionally, our composability promise provides seamless API-driven process integration between applications and external systems. We have incorporated the complexity in our application and integration data model so that your teams can easily navigate through an intuitive and user-friendly interface to manage their day-to-day operations. 


Order Collaboration

If you also work with classical Purchase Orders for suppliers, the Order Collaboration App optimizes collaboration to complement or provide an alternative to EDI (electronic data interchange) integration with your supplier's ERP system. For contract-based procurement, this is where you share the Contracts with suppliers that drive the delivery schedules. They are used to update prices, add contract lines for new periods, and monitor overall quantities and price breaks.


Forecast Collaboration

The Forecast Collaboration App allows collaboration between buyers and suppliers on developments in time-phased demand. With the app, we support your contract-based procurement with Delivery Schedules for suppliers that are easy to work with, because we proactively point out relevant changes with or without a feedback loop from the supplier. We support just-in-time and KanBan schedules and leverage these directly during the Shipment Collaboration process.


Inventory Collaboration

This app is designed to improve visibility on stock balances with all relevant elements such as forecasts, announced dispatches, inventory by location, and production schedules. It proactively alerts on shortages, especially if milestones from external sources are not reported for completion. They safeguard from production schedule disruptions and can drive safety stocks down by incorporating suppliers’ actual performance and deviations into the calculation.


Supply Chain Management Dashboard

The Supply Chain Management Dashboard is designed to better track and control collaboration with various suppliers and turn supply chain data into actionable insights. The app offers different screens and parameters that make it possible to get a single version of the truth about the performance of individual and/or all suppliers and other partners, creating a unique passage to your KPI metrics.


Vehicle Assembly Collaboration

The Vehicle Assembly Collaboration App streamlines the management of the BOM and assembly drawings/specifications, particularly when collaborating with subcontracted assemblers. The app empowers subcontracted assemblers to request and securely download the requisite BOM and drawings associated with a specific vehicle, thereby providing invaluable support to the vehicle assembly workflow.


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The Quyntess Supply Chain Management suite consists of 13 comprehensive apps which allow you to improve collaboration across the supply chain. Learn more about each app and find a suitable solution to match your business requirements around product data, shipment and logistics collaboration, co-manufacturing, dock scheduling, maintenance & quality, or electronic invoicing.

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