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Advancing complex manufacturing collaboration in the Aerospace & Defense industry

Air framers, tier 1 and tier 2 suppliers face significant pressure to overhaul their global operations and adapt to the ever-evolving landscape of this vibrant industry. Hence, it is inevitable to find innovative approaches to proactively foresee risks throughout the supplier spectrum and safeguard crucial parts, design change control, documentation, and compliance.

Diversifies suppliers

Industry research demonstrates an increasing supplier churn rate. Due to recent volatility in demand combined with supply disruptions, companies need to rethink sourcing strategies, such as dual sourcing or re-shoring. Combined with the evolving economic and political climate this trend is here to stay. In the past two years, 52% of Aerospace companies planned to increase the number of suppliers.


Schedule changes

It starts with winning contracts, but the volatility in supply and demand requires an unprecedented ability to be more agile and make money from these contracts. Both mid and short-term demand is changing constantly, sometimes in different directions. Hence, when two-thirds of the orders change, this can result in high costs, volatile stock levels, and lead times. This requires constant re-alignment.


Supply Chain Visibility

The Aerospace supply chain is truly global. Logistics and transportation are complex, both from a physical and an administrative perspective. Supply chains within the Aerospace industry's top challenge remains full visibility: even though 84% have implemented traceability with their Logistic Service Providers, the real-time visibility on the combined impact of transportation on parts availability is generally only 35%. 

An innovative suite of apps tailored to the unique needs of the Aerospace industry.

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Whether your focus lies on improving collaboration processes around procurement, forecasts, inventory, manufacturing, logistics, documentation & quality, or invoicing, with our apps we offer you a unique value proposition of having a cost-effective and modular solution with the flexibility to start your digital transformation project from any prioritized business need.

Of course, you have your internal systems and a potentially complex IT landscape. Quyntess' supply chain apps can perfectly integrate with those, allowing you to fully automate your business processes directly from your backend systems to an entire ecosystem of global business partners, while already reaping savings and benefits within just a matter of weeks.


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“We have seen notable difference in agility and resilience KPI’s of plants that already started to work with Quyntess and the ones that are pending roll-out. Digital supplier collaboration strengthens our competitive position towards the OEM’s as a reliable partner."

Marijn van der Does
Director Supply Chain Management
GKN Aerostructures

Our approach

Most selected apps in Aerospace & Defense

Supply Chain Apps that can meet any business priority without complicated "suite" deployments.  

With our composability promise we provide API-driven process integration between apps and external systems. These give you the flexibility to pursue your specific digital transformation priorities. We support you to consolidate your end-to-end supply chain processes, whether it starts with procurement, forecasts, inventory, manufacturing, logistics, quality & compliance, or invoicing. It is all available for you on one single collaborative business network.

Because we incorporated the complexity in our application and integration data model, your teams and their business partners only have to navigate the intuitive user interface to manage their role in the supply chain. That means more real-time data, smarter performance indicators, better AI, and an increasingly resilient supply chain ecosystem.


Forecast Collaboration

The Forecast Collaboration App allows collaboration between buyers and suppliers on developments in time-phased demand. With this app, both parties have access to the same demand & supply data, can set up and manage a contract-based procurement process, and will be guided by the workflow to efficiently move through changes in the supply plan and the associated capacity checks from the supplier.


Order Collaboration

This app optimizes collaboration around supply contracts including time-phased quantity and price commitments. It also handles the PO processes between buyers and sellers. The full integration with the supplier's ERP system enables smooth data exchange, enables end-to-end monitoring, creates real-time transparency, and can be used to take corrective actions on exceptions that occur at the order line level to ensure timely and efficient (re)planning.


Shipment Collaboration

With the Shipment Collaboration App, suppliers can easily build shipments from open Order Lines or Schedules and announce these to buyers as well as to a logistic service provider. To meet industry requirements all advanced features are also available, such as data enrichment with lot/serial control, serial numbers, and certificates. These Advance Shipment Notifications (ASNs) are your most effective control of actual supply performance.


Electronic Data Management

The EDM App is a supporting add-on to the transactional Quyntess SCM apps. Our ITAR / NIST certified infrastructure manages secure document distribution and access control and makes PLM systems collaborative. To meet industry requirements all advanced features are also available, such as version controlled links to serialized parts, audit trails, “where-used” and built-in link to all other supply chain related information. The app simplifies and secures communication and collaboration with suppliers and customers.


Supply Chain Management Dashboard

The SCM Dashboard app makes Business Intelligence (BI) collaborative. A combination of industry-specific KPI's as well as actionable analytics with direct access to tasks and exceptions in all the other apps used provide a unique level of control. Manage multiple customer programs across the supply base, challenge suppliers with real-time measurement of their SLA, and help them with tools that intuitively guide them to the actions required. Our technology blends seamlessly with your internal BI tools in 2 directions.


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The Quyntess Supply Chain Management suite consists of 13 comprehensive apps that allow closed-loop collaboration between air-framers, and tier 1 and tier 2 suppliers across the entire Aerospace supply chain. Learn more about each app and find a suitable solution to match your business requirements around inventory collaboration, co-manufacturing, logistics collaboration, slot booking, product data management, service order collaboration, quality management, or electronic invoicing.

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