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Our customers hold leading positions within the Healthcare business. Most of them faced common challenges before launching their digital transformation initiatives: the difficulty of managing a volatile order book in a heavily regulated industry with a large supplier base and lot-serial controlled items. 


The level of non-digital documents is very high compared to other industries and sectors (considering that a PDF or an email is not a digital transaction document). This leads to higher administrative costs, error-prone processes, and extended lead times.


Unconfirmed orders

Even if order confirmations are received, there is not enough time to process them into the ERP system, leading to shortages, last-minute expediting against extra cost, or worse: re-planning appointments and loss of scarce operating theatre capacity.


Extra effort from MDR

Within our regulated environment the compliance challenges keep increasing and consuming resources. MDR regulations being rolled out are a good example, typically doubling the handling and administration costs of the associated articles.

An innovative suite of apps tailored to the unique needs of the Healthcare business

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Whether your focus lies on improving order collaboration processes around procurement and contracts with suppliers, implementing lot-serial control at the item level for MDR items, or invoicing, with our apps we offer you a unique value proposition of having a cost-effective and modular solution with the flexibility to start your digital transformation project from any prioritized business need and further build upon that as priorities and maturity evolves over time.

Of course, you have your internal systems. Quyntess' supply chain apps can perfectly integrate with those, allowing you to fully automate your business processes directly from your backend systems to an entire ecosystem of global business partners, while already reaping savings and benefits within just a matter of weeks.

Our customers in Healthcare

Industry peers at a glance

The largest Healthcare organization in the world is the National Health Service (NHS) in the UK. They used to process 30.000 invoices from suppliers and service providers daily in a semi-digital process, which resulted in large backlogs of processing documents and dissatisfied suppliers and end-users. After the introduction of the platform of 150.000 directly connected suppliers, the efficiency increased tremendously and the satisfaction of suppliers and end-users more than doubled.


Our approach

Most selected apps in the Healthcare business

Supply Chain Apps that can meet any business priority without complicated "suite" deployments 

We support you to consolidate your end-to-end supply chain processes, whether it starts with procurement, goods receiving, inventory, logistics, quality, or invoicing. It is all available for you in one single collaborative business network.

Because we incorporated the complexity in our application and integration data model, your teams and their business partners only have to navigate the intuitive user interface to manage their role in the supply chain. That means more real-time data, smarter performance indicators, better AI, and an increasingly resilient supply chain ecosystem.


Order Collaboration

Optimize collaboration around purchase orders and contracts taking into account volume and price breaks as well as price changes, delivery date, and quantity exceptions reported by the supplier. This process directly integrates into your back-end system. The (optional) full integration with the supplier's ERP system enables smooth data exchange and end-to-end monitoring, creates real-time transparency, and can be used to take corrective actions on exceptions that occur at the line level to ensure timely and efficient (re)planning.


Shipment Collaboration

With the Shipment Collaboration App, suppliers can easily build shipments from open Order Lines or Schedules and announce these to buyers as well as to a logistic service provider. This will include all required batch information and serial numbers and certificates at the SKU level, which avoids scanning of all items during your goods receipt process. Obviously, the functionality is also available via integration to and from their back-end systems.


Tradeshift Pay

The fundamental mission of Tradeshift PAY revolves around enhancing invoice acquisition and processing control, elevating approval or rejection visibility and payment status, and reducing costs of supplier invoices to this Accounts Payable Automation solution. PAY will check supplier invoices before they reach you for any issue the supplier should solve and guide them to resolve these first. PAY also ensures compliant e-Invoices and legal archiving requirements.


QIS 360° EDI

QIS is typically selected for the high-volume suppliers to the healthcare sectors or suppliers that in general get a lot of demand through our platform from different customers already. In a multi-standard, multi-industry, and multi-departmental world, our Integration Services connect your whole eco-system of suppliers and carriers. Our subscription-based SaaS model avoids one-off set-up costs, makes you pay only for success, and is flexible to cancel or exchange partners in line with supply base dynamics.


Product Data Management

The Product Data Management app synchronizes and updates item master data between your ERP system and your suppliers in a controlled manner. The app ensures that there are fewer issues with replacement items or equivalent items from a different supplier, and specification updates including certificates and other documents. This will lead to more no-touch orders with suppliers, less dead stock, or incorrectly ordered parts, and enable the controlled management of associated documents.


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The Quyntess Supply Chain Management suite consists of 13 comprehensive apps that allow you to improve collaboration across the end-to-end supply chain. Learn more about each app and find a suitable solution to match your business requirements around inventory collaboration, electronic document management, quality collaboration, services collaboration, indirect procurement, or Tradeshift marketplace.

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