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Our customers hold leading positions within the Metals industry. Most of them faced common challenges before launching their digital transformation initiatives: the difficulty of managing a volatile order book and an international supplier base with long lead times.
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Lead time   

Depending on the market segment within the Metals industry, the customer lead times, order cycles, and product specifications are generally very short. Demand is often a mix between contract-based call-offs and purchase orders. Order processing and collaboration on potential exceptions must be fast, reliable, and cheap. Your digital strategy is therefore key to market success.


Inventory costs

The metals industry has enjoyed protection from inventory costs and price risks due to low-interest rates and rising metal prices. However, with interest rates rising and various market uncertainties, there is growing attention on the impact of inventory in the supply chain. Accurately assessing inventory carrying costs is crucial, as they can often exceed profit margins and significantly affect the bottom line.

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Supply Cycle

Supply lead times are significantly longer than demand lead times, which creates challenges in the S&OP process. Contracts with extended lead times, especially those tied to continuous supplier production, have their own limitations. Integrating the unique standards of a concentrated supply base into a standard digital P2P process can cost time and resources unless you collaborate with an expert.

An innovative suite of apps tailored to the unique needs of Metals and wholesale companies

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Whether your focus lies on improving order collaboration processes around sales or procurement, forecasts and contracts with customers or suppliers, integrated time-phased inventory planning, logistics,  or invoicing, with our apps we offer you a unique value proposition of having a cost-effective and modular solution with the flexibility to start your digital transformation project from any prioritized business need and further build upon that as priorities and maturity evolve over time.

Of course, you have your internal systems and a potentially complex IT landscape. Quyntess' SCM apps can perfectly integrate with those, allowing you to fully automate your business processes directly from your backend systems to an entire ecosystem of global business partners, while already reaping savings and benefits within just a matter of weeks.

Our customers in the Metalst industry

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“Anyone can deliver a piece of steel, but we think it is very important to provide that particular service to process materials, the specific packaging requirements, the delivery, and the speed that is behind it. With this technology that we now have established here and which has advanced in recent years from manual order notation to fully integrated entry into our systems, that is where most efficiency lies.” 

Daniel van Tongeren
Integration Project Lead

Our approach

Most selected apps in the Metals industry

SCM Apps to meet any business priority without complicated "suite" deployments 

We promise composability with API-driven process integration between apps and external systems. These give you the flexibility to pursue specific digital transformation priorities. We support you in consolidating end-to-end supply chain processes, whether it starts with procurement, forecasts, inventory, manufacturing, logistics, quality, or invoicing. It is all available for you on one single collaborative business network, hosted on platforms like Tradeshift and project44.

Because we incorporated the complexity in our apps and integration data model, your teams can work from your internal systems directly or navigate to the intuitive user interface of our apps to manage their role within the supply chain. That means more real-time data, faster decision making smarter performance indicators, better AI, and an increasingly resilient supply chain ecosystem.


QIS 360° EDI

Quyntess Interchange Services (QIS) is the most selected solution in the metals industry. In a multi-standard, multi-industry, and multi-departmental world, we connect your eco-system of customers, suppliers, and carriers. Our experience with all these partners among which many are also our customers, provides the connectivity as well as the industry expertise to digitally transform metals better than anyone else. Our subscription-based SaaS model avoids one-off set-up costs, makes you pay only for success, and is flexible to cancel or exchange in line with industry dynamics.


Forecast Collaboration

The Forecast Collaboration App allows collaboration between your company, suppliers, and customers on developments in time-phased demand. With the Forecast Collaboration App, all involved parties have access to the same real-time demand and supply data, can set up an automated contract-based procurement process including delivery schedules, and will be guided by the workflow to efficiently move through changes within the supply plan and the associated demand from customers, capacity from suppliers as well as time-phased inventory projections.


Order Collaboration

The Order Collaboration App optimizes collaboration around contracts between buyers and sellers taking into account volume and price breaks as well as contractual time-bound price agreements. The app also supports a Purchase Order driven replenishment process if this is applicable The full integration with the supplier's ERP system enables smooth data exchange, enables end-to-end monitoring, creates real-time transparency, and can be used to take corrective actions on exceptions that occur at the order line level to ensure timely and efficient (re)planning.


Shipment Collaboration

With the Shipment Collaboration App, suppliers can easily build shipments from open Order Lines or Schedules and announce these to buyers as well as to a logistic service provider. This will include all required batch information and certificates at the SKU level. Obviously, the functionality is also fully available to suppliers and carriers via direct integration into their respective back-end systems.


Inventory Collaboration

This app aims to enhance visibility into time-based inventory management. It provides information on forecasts, announced dispatches, inventory by location, and production schedules. It also issues alerts for shortages, particularly when external milestones are not met. This helps prevent disruptions in production schedules and reduces safety stock with supplier performance and deviations.


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The Quyntess Supply Chain Management suite consists of 13 comprehensive apps that allow you to improve collaboration across the supply chain. Learn more about each app and find a suitable solution to match your business requirements around carrier collaboration, co-manufacturing, dock scheduling, quality collaboration, or electronic invoicing.

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