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Supply Chain Visibility & Performance

When companies transition to a digital supply chain and have clearly set out how they expect supply chain partners to move through the business processes, it becomes so much easier to capture, analyze, and visualize data in order to understand.


< 6%

Less than 6% of the larger companies claim to have full supply chain visibility.


Supply chain professionals that see better decision making as priority number 1.


Global companies that do not use real-time dashboards for supply chain decisions.

Understand how supply chain digitization is the enabler for best-in-class visibility and performance

Make the shift to data-driven

Taking one step at a time, with end-to-end visibility in mind

Rome was not built in a day, and you probably have certain areas where some level of visibility is implemented, albeit in a sub-optimal way. Determine for yourself where you lack most of the control and visibility, and where consequences are most painful. Priority ranking allows us to make a plan of how we gradually add pieces to the end-to-end visibility puzzle.

We will need to look at the sequence, however. Getting certain insights will require other building blocks to come first, keeping the data quality, granularity, and real-time aspect in mind. An additional crucial aspect is data origin since a lot of data will need to come from outside your organization. Here, where the data capture and validation challenge is the largest, Quyntess excels.


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"On one hand we gained efficiency, on the other hand, reliability and much better control over the materials that we have not received. This also means that the invoice check and matching runs smoothly, whereas in the past we had a lot of trouble linking the invoice to what we had ordered."  

Edwin Sengers
Team Lead Supply Chain Excellence

Our flexible options

Buyer dashboards, shared insights or SCM data feed

Flexibly choose which insights you want to share with whom

As the first and most advanced option, we offer the SCM Dashboard App that allows you to serve both internal colleagues and external business partner users with real-time insights of different kinds, embedded within the collaboration platform. The app comes with an extensive set of commonly used dashboards and reports that allow all stakeholders to assess performance and compliance in an easy and flexible way. Our customers can even add custom views and insights to their liking.

In case the buying organization prioritizes internal visibility and productivity, they can choose not to expose the data and dashboards to their partners yet, and focus on actionable dashboards for order fulfillment, shipment visibility, accounts payable, inventory visibility, and other process-related insights. All this is still provided via the SCM Dashboard App, one-sided.

Finally, we can also provide our SCM Data Feed as a service to feed your data lake or business intelligence platform with information we collect from the buyer-supplier-logistics partner collaboration that takes place on the multi-enterprise collaboration network, supported by our SCM Apps. We offer ready-to-go data sets for pre-defined KPIs, next to the raw data. 


SCM Dashboard

The SCM Dashboard app makes Business Intelligence (BI) collaborative. A combination of industry-specific KPIs as well as actionable analytics with direct access to tasks and exceptions in all the other apps used provide a unique level of control. Challenge suppliers with real-time views of their SLAs and help them with tools that intuitively guide them to the actions required.


Order Collaboration

The Order Collaboration App optimizes collaboration around order processes between buyers and sellers. The full integration with the supplier's ERP system enables smooth data exchange, enables end-to-end monitoring, creates real-time transparency, and can be used to take corrective actions at the order line level and ensure efficient (re)planning.


Logistics Collaboration

The Logistics Collaboration App simplifies communication and collaboration around the transportation process, enabling a continuous and orderly flow of data between buyers, suppliers, carriers, and/or forwarders. The end-to-end integration of carrier information related to transport orders and freight costs allows automated invoice flipping across multiple connected ecosystems.


Inventory Collaboration

The Inventory Collaboration app is designed to improve forward visibility on projected inventory balances bringing together all relevant elements such as forecasts, announced dispatches, inventory by location, and production schedules. It proactively alerts on shortages, especially if milestones from external sources are not reported for completion.


Forecast Collaboration

The Forecast Collaboration App allows collaboration between buyers and suppliers on developments in time-phased demand. With this app, both parties have access to the same demand and supply data, can set up and manage a contract-based procurement process, and will be guided by the workflow to efficiently move through the process.


Can't find a suitable solution for your priority?

The Quyntess app suite consists of 13 comprehensive apps that allow you to improve collaboration across the supply chain. Learn more about each app and find a suitable solution to match your business requirements around service collaboration, co-manufacturing, dock scheduling, maintenance and quality, virtual payment cards, or invoicing.

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