Enterprise Application Integration

Recent waves of business expansion, divestures, mergers and acquisitions have fragmented today's operating landscapes. As a result, individual divisions within the same multi-national often operate their own applications and processes. However, intercompany operations also require real-time visibility and efficient collaboration processes if they are to be integrated within a single shared Supply Chain Operating Network.

Implementing a single system for common use is often not a viable option because each division has already invested in costly business software and designed its own business processes based on specific business needs. On the other hand, setting up traditional point-to-point connections is costly, time-consuming, complex and difficult to maintain. The same inside-out and outside-in B2B integration techniques can be used to provide Enterprise Application Integration (EAI). Enterprise Application Integration allows incompatible back-end systems within the different organizations to communicate with each other.

Creating a Supply Chain Operating Network

In typical multi-national organization structures with multiple ERP systems, creating a single virtual, white-labeled and process-adapted Supply Chain Operating Network is crucial to ensure that all business partners operate uniformly. Quyntess offers Enterprise Application Integration Services, which are highly versatile and allow integration and precise data routing within a multiple distinct system environment. The integration technique used distinguishes between the 'Source' and 'Destination' of all data that is exchanged, thereby guaranteeing that each Order Response from shared suppliers does actually reach the correct division's back-end system. The following figure illustrates the Enterprise Application Integration landscape:

enterprise application integration

Intercompany Operating Networks exchange data with internal systems using similar methods to those used in B2B integration. The sole difference is that no external partners are involved. In most cases, the complexities of data transfer, conversion and migration are identical to the situation in the B2B integration landscape. The same techniques and approach are used; the message is received, translated if required and finally channeled to the right destination.

Quyntess provides fast and easy-to-deploy Enterprise Application Integration services for universal use and at an attractive variable cost. Our track record in many different industries demonstrates our experience, technical capabilities and ability to successfully manage highly diverse Enterprise Application Integration projects using in-house resources. We have recently implemented Enterprise Application Integration projects for several customers participating in global logistics networks within the framework of their Supply Chain Collaboration projects. They are now exploiting the many benefits of integrated supply chain processes:

  • Fast processing and elimination of human error.
  • Standardized and closed loop collaboration with Supply Chain Event Management.
  • Reduced administration costs by eliminating non-automated processes.
  • Transparent end-to-end business processes, also beyond corporate boundaries.
  • Improved management, change handling and order turnaround times.
  • Effective real-time information exchange with any division and trading partner.
  • Fast adoption by onboarding all relevant trading partners within a few weeks.

The benefits of using our Enterprise Application Integration Services:

  • Using an existing data highway, rather than creating and maintaining your own.
  • Boost your profit margins, reduce costs and free up internal resources.
  • Full automation with any trading partner, in spite of size or technical capabilities.
  • Integrate any data format and improved responsiveness.
  • Flexible cloud-based and scalable B2B infrastructure and support services
  • Ability to respond to business demands for extending connections and collaboration.
  • Including maintenance for data format and technical changes made by partners.
  • Guaranteed Service Level Agreements and managed services.
  • The service is available on-demand.
  • Option of full integration with your back-end ERP system(s).

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