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Unlock efficiency gains and streamline operations with EDI

The power and benefits of Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) have been proven for decades now, and the business case is real. The lack of a clear EDI-strategy has often led to negative experiences, and that is why generally digital transaction levels still are very low. We can help you to set up a strategy and harvest the potential, for both EDI-outsourcing or an in-house EDI focus.

Best-in-class procurement as stepping stone to AP Automation

The average procurement department only manages 63% of the total enterprise spend. Extend the control over your spend  and drive compliance over all categories. Understand that tight collaboration early in the P2P-process leads to high data quality as the prerequisite for above average accounts payable automation rates. We cover global eInvoicing compliance in +50 countries.

Build an agile and resilient supply chain by leveraging collaboration

Create a more responsive and real-time communication network with your supply chain partners, that allows for faster and more efficient exception management. Learn how we have embedded modern collaboration capabilities in the different business processes, that helps you to simplify often complex and fragmented data and document exchange with your business partners.

Visibility and performance as a deliberate side effect

The efforts to onboard your supply chain partners and your internal departments onto a multi-enterprise collaboration network will immediately pay off, as you reduce manual data entry, maximize data reuse, automate expediting actions, and smoothen exception management. A by-product of that is a mass of digital data that we feed into real-time status views and dashboards.

Unleash hidden potential with virtual payment cards

It is a human reflex to focus on where most of the money is, so managing and deepening the relationship with key suppliers gets most of the attention. The mid-segment supply base already is large to cover with a limited team, which evidently leads to millions of spend unmanaged. Learn about a light-weight purchase request process with easy payment options.

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"About 75 to 80% of our purchase orders are now processed via EDI connections or through the vendor portal. We currently automated the orders and the order confirmations, and invoicing and we are going to expand that with advanced ship notifications. We have future plans to integrate this extensively with our suppliers." 

Edwin Sengers
Team Lead Supply Chain Excellence


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Quyntess simplifies collaboration for global customers in volatile and complex supply chains.


Million connections

A global trade technology platform to access B2B marketplaces, SCM apps and finance solutions.


Countries covered

Quyntess offers a future-proof and multi-lingual solution to support global eco-system collaboration. 

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