Electronic Invoicing

Typically, all companies face the same challenge: the need to improve their business results while reducing costs at the same time. Furthermore, companies strive to establish preferred business partner relationships and maintain their good reputation vis-à-vis customers and suppliers. Reducing costs often goes hand-in-hand with reducing complexity. And if easy and seamless collaboration is a focal key success factor, electronic invoicing is likely to be a primary element of your B2B collaboration strategy, as the overall invoicing process is known to be costly, time-consuming and prone to errors.

Electronic Invoicing enables supply chain trading partners, such as suppliers and their customers, to streamline, monitor and control transactional documents between one another. With electronic invoicing trading partners can effectively ensure that the terms of their trading agreement are being met accordingly. Quyntess offers flexible electronic invoicing solutions to automate your end-to-end financial supply chain, including electronic interchange of invoices, purchase orders, debit notes, credit notes, payment terms and remittance advices.

Electronic Invoicing: two process types

We distinct two different process types in the electronic invoicing landscape:

  • e-Invoicing to automate invoicing processes in your Accounts Payable landscape.
  • e-Billing to automate invoicing processes in your Accounts Receivable landscape.
electronic invoicingelectronic invoicing