B2B Integration

The theoretical benefits of B2B integration for driving a Multienterprise Supply Chain Business Network are well-known. However, achieving 100% B2B coverage for all of your supply chain partners and realizing these expected benefits may not be so easy.

The majority of companies face slow adoption of B2B integration. This is caused by traditional point-to-point connections, which often require special message formats, mappings and complex system integration. Establishing traditional point-to-point connections is costly, time-consuming, arduous and hard to maintain. Even after they have been set up, they are commonly restricted by the limitations of older integration technologies, which impede the required extensibility.

The integration of supply chain processes has lost its sex appeal and, with it, boardroom attention. People are not interested in complex details; B2B integration is for the IT experts to manage, not the business users. However, where companies used to focus chiefly on visibility within their own four walls, many organizations have now been forced to combine efficiency and responsiveness to stay ahead of other competing supply chains. Joining the digital highway is no longer an option; which explains why the whole world is adopting B2B integration. Do you really want to be left behind?

Quyntess provides quick and easy-to-deploy B2B integration services, available for all companies or organizations and attractively priced to suit many budgets. We have an extensive track record in B2B integration projects, acquired in many different industries. We have the in-house experience and technical capability to ensure the success of your complex B2B integration project. Customers we have recently run B2B integration projects for are all players in global logistics networks. They are all enjoying the benefits of integrated supply chain processes, like:

  • Fast and error-free processing of Orders, Order Confirmations, ASNs and Invoices.
  • Lower administration costs, mainly through eliminating paper-based processes.
  • Improved collaboration with suppliers, carriers and customers.
  • Smoother change handling and faster order turnaround times.
  • Effective and structured real-time information exchange with business partners.
  • Fast adoption and roll-out by onboarding business partners in a matter of weeks.

Tip: Implement, in addition to B2B, a Web-EDI based collaboration process to integrate those partners for whom B2B integration is not possible.

B2B Integration: the benefits

The benefits are plain to see, although it can be difficult and costly to implement yourself. Deploying B2B integration as a service might just be the answer. How do you stand to benefit from using Multienterprise Supply Chain Business networks?

  • Join the many thousands of enterprises on these B2B integration platforms.
  • Avoid difficult and expensive point-to-point connections.
  • Opportunities for the full integration of your back-end ERP system(s).
  • Automate processes with trading partners of any size or technical capability.
  • Improve responsiveness by integrating any data format: come as you are.
  • Fast adoption with our cloud-based and scalable B2B integration infrastructure.
  • Automatic maintenance for data format and technical changes at business partners.
  • Guaranteed Service Level Agreements and managed services.
  • Full on-demand availability.

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