Quyntess Services

Increasing complexity within business to business collaboration structures, changes caused by acquisitions or divestures within many global supply chains, dynamics of connecting to new trading partners and eliminating connections to former trading partners have led to strong demand for radically different supply chain solutions and service models. It is inevitable that our continuously changing world only requires the best supply chain solutions and services that really can make a difference.

As a specialist in flexible business to business collaboration and integration solutions, Quyntess provides advanced, ready-to-use functionality on an adaptable supply chain collaboration platform that enables companies to connect, manage and control crucial supply chain processes and business transactions with any trading partner in the world. Quyntess has developed new and scalable models in order to help organizations strike a suitable balance between service costs and service benefits. These provided service models reflect the core supply chain expertise and experience of Quyntess.

Our solutions are backed up by comprehensive on-demand support in the form of:

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