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Senior Business Consultant at Quyntess

Being the father of two teenage girls, Franck is also well versed about family related logistics! He likes cooking, as well as enjoying good cuisine and wines from around the world. Graduated with a General Engineer degree, Franck started as consultant at Segula Group (Ouroumoff Diffusion) in Lyon. In 1998, after becoming project manager for Preactor, a Finite Capacity Scheduling software vendor, he joined the European Field Services of Qynquest, as senior consultant for shop floor tracking solutions and manufacturing process integration with scheduling systems. Since 2004 and the creation of Quyntess, he engages in the implementation of Supply Chain Management software applications, as well as Planning & Scheduling solution modelling and implementation. His main goal now is to implement Supply Chain Collaboration portals as Quyntess Managed Services and in collaboration with SAP.