Quyntess invited a few of their clients to talk about their experiences with their B2B integration optimization and the digital transformation of their Supply Chain.

Today’s manufacturers face a constant challenge of balancing supply chain efficiency with the investment placed in their current B2B integration platform. To try and get a better understanding whether the digital transformation of your B2B integration impacts the performance of a supply chain, the key goals and we will explain what happens at which stage.

Learn how you can reduce supply chain costs and drive value by improving B2B collaboration with a managed cloud service. This webinar includes a case study of one of our clients which provides full insight on how QiS improved customer collaboration at a Pan EU supplier in the manufacturing industry.

Webinar details:

Date Apil 7th, 2016
Time 4 p.m. GMT | 8 a.m. PDT 
Duration 60 minutes 
Sponsored by Quyntess


Join this webinar if:

  • Your business uses a SAP back-end
  • Your business serves many suppliers to many customers
  • You are interested about our clients B2B integration approach (what were their requirements and considerations)
  • How does a digital transformation look in real-life (what happens in which maturity stage)
  • You are interested in the technical flow of materials between raw materials supplier to end-user with QiS services

The presenters:



Rob van Ipenburg (Host), Managing Partner at Quyntess

Rob is one of Quyntess' founding fathers and shapes and articulates the bottom-up and inside-out Supply Chain Collaboration mission of the company, working with customers and partners. 

 ruud hermans


Ruud Hermans (Co-Host), Team Lead Supply Base at Océ

Ruud is responsible for the supply base at Océ. His background and expertise is: Supply chain management, supplier development and management, Operations management.


 jos fransen 2


Jos Fransen (Expert Panel), Application specialist & Data integration at Marel 

Jos is responsible for Business integration, document presentment, middleware, data integration between SAP and other ERP systems, PLM systems, CRM, supply chain integration at Marel. His background and expertise is: Data integration, middleware, document presentment and teaching.



Adriaan van Kalkeren (Expert Panel), E-commerce manager at MCB 

Adriaan is responsible for simplifying the online order process at MCB. His background and expertise is: E-Commerce, Marketing, Datawarehousing, Datamining and Project & Process Management.