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VMI opts for Quyntess supply chain collaboration platform


19 May 2022

While supply chains develop as broader agile global networks, and VMI aims to consolidate and further expand on its market leadership, a digital supply chain strategy has been proactively set out to support future success.

To pursue digital initiatives in the field of supply chain management, VMI needed a strong and flexible partner and therefore organized a thorough investigation of the different options available on the market. Eventually, VMI opted for the Quyntess Supply Chain Collaboration App Suite that leverages the global Tradeshift Business Network. This platform provides VMI with the potential to gradually implement a much wider collaboration on all aspects of the supply chain, including Orders, Product Data, Planning, Quality, Logistics and Transportation, in a gradual and cost-effective manner.

In an initial stage, this platform will be set up to exchange a lot of other information, apart from purchase orders, with suppliers in a highly efficient way. This will allow VMI to integrate its inbound supply chain much tighter to project delivery and customer service to perform as a best-in-class leader in the market. In that respect, the new Supply Chain Collaboration Platform will form the backbone of VMI’s supply chain management processes to drive quick business growth, support cost optimization, and enhance supply chain agility.

About VMI Group
VMI is a fully owned subsidiary of TKH Group N.V. (NYSE Euronext Amsterdam). VMI encompasses several yet specialized business lines for Tire, Rubber, Can and Care products, each of them having earned a solid reputation in their respective markets. Our machines are produced in state-of-the-art manufacturing and services facilities in the Netherlands, Germany, Brazil, Poland, and China. Combined with our services centers in the USA, Malaysia, Thailand, and Russia, we are always close at hand for whatever support our customer may need. Our 1600 people across the globe continuously strive to bring our industries to the next level by providing state-of-the-art, innovative technology to make our customers more successful.

About Quyntess
Quyntess simplifies collaboration for global customers in volatile and complex supply chains. Our mission is to achieve supply chain transparency for our customers and their business partners, and increase efficiency by connecting customers' internal processes and IT systems to a future-proof and purpose-built ‘Business Network’ that handles collaborative planning and fulfillment with any external business partner anywhere in the world.

For more information:
Rob van Ipenburg
+31 (0) 85 750 0491

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