Supply Chain Collaboration during COVID

Quyntess is opening access to all of its apps on the Tradeshift platform, so buyers can quickly enable digital collaboration and coordination capabilities. 

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The situation with Coronavirus (COVID-19) is uncertain, still developing, and indeed affecting global supply chains. Businesses are enduring increased exceptions and changes to their usual transactions because of these disruptions. Employees working from home add complexity as well, making visibility and collaboration even more critical to operations.

That is why Quyntess is opening access to all our apps through the next three months free-of-charge*. Our SCM apps are compelling when it comes to supply chain collaboration and coordination; capabilities that today are more necessary than ever. Notably, our e-Logistics app and SCM Dashboard have features that we believe can be of great help in these challenging times.

In the coming months, onboarding and enablement will have priority over product development and EDI integrations, and we will free consulting capacity to provide a timely response. We may not have enough resources to integrate all transactions back into your ERP. Nevertheless, your employees will have the information available on the Tradeshift platform, and they will not need to rely on paper, stand-alone files, or calls.

Please reach out to your project manager or our leadership team if you'd like to put this in motion. Quyntess has a responsibility to help maintain steady supply chains and assure supplies arrive at the places where they are needed.

Rob van Ipenburg
Managing Partner, Quyntess

Teunis Biemond
Chief Technology Officer, Quyntess


*This offer has expired


Because of the uncertainty with COVID-19 the Quyntess apps will be free-of-charge for the next three months

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