Fabian is commited in adding value to our current blogs, webinars and workshops. Key characteristics: organized, content focused, ambitious, thoughtful, determined and curious. After his bachelor of Science at the Maastricht University he continued his education at Maastricht University and acquired his Internation Business master in Strategy & Innovation. He started his career at Quyntess and is responsible for carrying out field research for themes, content and the agenda of upcoming workshops/webinars. Using the power of social, ambassador network and in-person netwoking he tries to improve the Digital Transformation workshops.

Teunis Biemond, Quyntess

Teunis Biemond is Supply Chain Solution Architect and Partner at Quyntess B.V. in the Netherland. He leads the development and customization activities in Europe. Teunis is project manager for several international implementations of Supply Chain Management applications and acts in a pre-sales role as well. Teunis is specialized in Supply Chain Management software both in manufacturing and distribution environments. He has 25 years of experience as a pre-sales and post-sales consultant and development manager, both at software companies and their clients. Teunis has a unique blend of technical and business skills, which he brings to good use when architecting Supply Chain Solutions. He has been mostly working in international business environments, managing multicultural teams.

Mohammed Diouani, Quyntess

After his study Information Technology & Technical Computer Science at the Avans Hogeschool in Breda, Mohammed began his career as a junior developer at Kewill for the customs team. Within Kewill he grew to senior developer and began to specialize in EDI implementations. After five years of loyal service, he continued his specialization as an Integration Engineer at Quyntess in 2010. Within Quyntess Mohammed is involved in every phase of an EDI implementation: specify, implement, deploy and support. As an official cetrified consultant, he adds value to customers with his specific knowledge and expertise of different platforms, such SAPii and SAP PI. Mohammed enjoys traveling, active sports and spending quality time with friends & family. Currently, he is attending an Arabic course, which might be useful for his next adventurous holiday to Dubai.

Rob van Ipenburg, Quyntess

Rob is one of Quyntess' founding fathers and shapes and articulates the bottom-up and inside-out Supply Chain Collaboration mission of the company, working with customers and partners. Rob has an international MBA background and also holds an MSc in Industrial Management. Career from Sales Management in B2B markets to Financial Director to Director Professional Services before co-founding Quyntess in 2004. Telemark skier, trail runner and sailor, valuing a simple and honest life. Proud husband of a mindful wife and father of two girls that rock.

Wouter joined the Quyntess team in March 2013 and is managing the projects in Germany where he is currently living in Frankfurt am Main. After his studies in the Netherlands and Australia Wouter gained experience in the transportation industry where he developed a strong background in logistics and supply chain management. Due to his background Wouter is quickly able to identify weaknesses in supply chains and made it his mission to overcome these by collaborating in a simple but effective way. Wouter is dedicated to get the most out of situations and loves to solve problems, especially in situations where time is the weakest link. In private life Wouter enjoys cycling, cooking and going out on new adventures.

Melvin is committed in building and maintaining relationships in life. Key characteristics: creativity, entrepreneurship, social media junkie, sport fanatic, music enthusiast and a fan of world cuisine. After his Bachelor degree in Business Administration he pursued his Marketing degree at the University of California. After working for at least 7 years in Account Management and various Marketing roles he joined the Quyntess team as a Marketing professional. His main focus is to add value to the Quyntess brand, organize workshops, host webinars and support market share development.

Franck Verchere, Quyntess

Being the father of two teenage girls, Franck is also well versed about family related logistics! He likes cooking, as well as enjoying good cuisine and wines from around the world. Graduated with a General Engineer degree, Franck started as consultant at Segula Group (Ouroumoff Diffusion) in Lyon. In 1998, after becoming project manager for Preactor, a Finite Capacity Scheduling software vendor, he joined the European Field Services of Qynquest, as senior consultant for shop floor tracking solutions and manufacturing process integration with scheduling systems. Since 2004 and the creation of Quyntess, he engages in the implementation of Supply Chain Management software applications, as well as Planning & Scheduling solution modelling and implementation. His main goal now is to implement Supply Chain Collaboration portals as Quyntess Managed Services and in collaboration with SAP.

Roeland Vermeulen, Quyntess

Roeland is a real Supply Chain Senior working in the supply chain arena already for many years. After working as an ERP-developer and Product Manager for a number of years he made the switch to supply chain thinking and during the early 90s he started to work for InfoPower. He migrated with the InfoPower team to Synquest and later Viewlocity, ending up as Senior Business Consultant with Quyntess. The focus in all these years has been on implementing and unveilling the power and added value of supply chain collaboration in complex supply chains.

A big part of this task is trying to understand and also let prospects understand what the real issues are and where the solutions and benefits can be found in supply chain collaboration. He also emphasizes during implementation phases on the importance of knowledge exchange. The main goal is to let the adagio of Single Version of Truth/ Single Version of Process be the driver for supply chain improvements in many different disciplines.

Hamed Yazdani, Quyntess

Hamed is a member of the Quyntess team, since he moved to the Netherlands in 2008. He has an engineering background with degrees in Logistics & Supply Chain Design and Management. He enjoys being part of a dynamic team, solving new challenges and learning new things. As a Supply Chain Consultant, he aspires to add value to both customers and Quyntess team. His goal is to make collaboration happen. He enjoys reading books and swimming.