Quyntess has been requested to join the Development Team of LogiXperience on the basis of their experience with collaborative supply chain solutions and sustainability.

LogiXperience is an innovative project. As the name suggests an Experience Center will be created for the Logistics industry where providers, users and knowledge institutions meet, present and develop new supply chain solutions. LogiXperience will be co-hosted on the campus of the Logistics Top Institute in the Netherlands that is going to be created in Breda. LogiXperience will host special theme events, provide a permanent demo facility center for integrated logistics and facilities to run test labs for applied supply chain technology between practitioners, solution providers, knowledge institutions and students. See www.logixperience.com for more information.

Quyntess role in the Development Team will be to give guidance on how different solution providers taking part in LogiXperience can provide an end-to-end integrated supply chain and collaboration experience to the users and visitors. Quyntess will also be involved in designing a framework to connect LogiXperience to the Mainports, Consignees and Logistic Service providers that wish to interact with LogiXperience. Our expertise acquired in the recent years implementing sustainability initiatives in supply chains will be leveraged because this will be a cornerstone of the supply chains of the future.