"I'm all excited because today we're gonna get Daddy's new car," so muses young Brian over breakfast. Obviously he doesn't realize all the logistics planning required to get the stylish SUV delivered on time to the Mobile, Alabama, dealership of his father's favorite make – and it should stay like that.

Upon completion of the last quality inspections in the Central-European factory the vehicle is transported to one of the major ports on the German north coast. It has been planned to arrive there exactly matching the departure of an ocean liner that will call at various ports on the Americas east coast en route to its final destination of Veracruz, Mexico. At each of those ports vehicles destined for dealerships in the hinterland will be unloaded. After dropping off the last load at Veracruz, vehicles produced in Mexico with destination all over Europe are loaded again so the vessel doesn't have to return empty.

Behind all this is a state-of-the-art transport planning system basing its schedules on the follow-up of each individual vehicle in the supply chain for key milestones in its lifecycle. Every night the planning is automatically refreshed based on the latest progress of each vehicle. Worldwide planners both at the automotive OEM and the logistics service providers can follow the part of the global planning they are interested in using powerful screens with strong drilldown capabilities. Land carriers are notified of each full truck load of vehicles waiting to be picked up at the factory for transportation to the port of loading. Previously they had announced their truck with its license plate to the transportation planners at the factory, to ensure a smooth process at the gate.

All these users need is a web browser and a login to the system. From anywhere in the world they can connect anytime and play their part in the supply chain collaboration process. Imagine the resulting time savings and quality improvement.

We plan to continue this series with more examples how collaboration around the globe can help companies accomplish previously undreamt-of benefits and returns in their supply chains.

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