Quyntess Enablement Services

Supply Chain Expert Services

Concept Creation and Master Design: our team of expert consultants understands all aspects of your business and translates your requirements into functionality on our supply chain platform. In order to generate maximum benefit for our customers, we listen attentively to their input when defining the solution scope and/or phasing roll-outs in line with business priorities. This includes a one-off service for on-boarding new customers and integrating existing customers, thereby expanding our platform's footprint and usage into new areas of supply chain collaboration.

Industry Templates

Over the past years we have built deployment templates that contain Best Practices and pre-configured solutions specifically tailored for different industries. Continuous maintenance and optimization of these rapid deployment templates based on input and feedback from our existing customers shortens the Time-to-Benefit for new customers. New customers also benefit from a fixed price and low risk. Any changes that are made are also incorporated in new Business Releases for live customer solutions as part of our Support and Maintenance process.

Application Consulting

Application Consulting involves configuration of the On-Demand solution for your specific supply chain process, including continuous improvement and adaptation. Our application experts translate the business-driven functionality identified in the Master Design into a configured software application. You do not require any internal application expertise in order to set features and functions and create suitable configurations for the use cases you want to support. This allows you to concentrate fully on your business requirements rather than having to devote part of your resources to the acquisition of application knowledge. The service includes software engineering activities such as customized screens and workflows.

Project Management

Our project management service is based on solid and proven program and project management techniques. Together with our industry templates, this service provides a robust framework for successful customer implementations that are completed within budget and on time. Our project managers are capable of working within different responsibility matrices with our customers and relieving your internal project managers of specific tasks such as interfacing with your external supply chain partners on your behalf.