Ignite resilience in your Procure-to-Pay processes 

Join our Supply Chain micro-sessions this summer, and kickstart innovation in your Supply Chain. We have put great care crafting 5 sessions for you. 

The Quyntess Supply Chain micro-sessions is a series of online discussions dedicated to senior procurement, logistics, and finance professionals to help them ignite digital transformation in their workplace.

During these thought-provoking sessions, we will share best practices in supply chain digitalization and inspire our participants, through a guided group discussion, so they can immediately start identifying areas of opportunity at work where digital transformation can make a meaningful difference to gain resilience. During these one-hour sessions, you will sit on a call with fellow senior professionals facing similar problems as well as our team of consultants, and exchange ideas with them.

We are pleased to invite senior executives to this digital brainstorming session.

Sign up to the ones that you find the most insightful, and come back later to continue your learning process. Unlock the full potential of your Procure to Pay process through our sessions, we will provide you will l the necessary tools to ignite transformation. 

Our micro-sessions topics:

1. Master-Data Management: gold mine or landfill?

The future of Supply Chain is really about data, yet most organizations lack quality data, and interoperability across partners (or even BUs) is often missing. Let's examine how to increase data consistency while improving communication with all stakeholders.

2. Planning 4.0 | why planning for materials and deliveries is not enough

Resilience in your supply chain is more important than ever! Join us to brainstorm strategic and operational robustness measures for your supply chain.

3. Supply Chain Execution, collaboration is key.

send PO via ERP, respond PO via phone, confirm PO via email, and so on... How might we streamline collaboration in the Procure-to-Pay process?   

4. Accounts Payable Automation: just match-it. 

Cut the chase. Join this conversation if your organization is struggling with your Procure-to-Pay process. 

5. Supply Chain Visibility & Performance 

How much simpler would supplier management be if you had a reliable, comprehensive, two-way view of the spend, performance, and risk for your suppliers, partners, and logistic providers?



Learning how, embracing the future, and applying the correct path will have a profound impact on your company’s success and your personal career.

How today’s leading professionals navigate through digital transformation to make their organizations succeed?

Staying ahead is essential, and to do so you must make processes digital by default.  

For many executives, supply chain resilience is a key priority in 2020. Collaborating with suppliers, logistics and other business partners is essential to achieve this. Join the conversation with leading experts and like-minded professionals, exchange ideas, and debate key issues around supply chain digitization.

This event is ideal for senior leaders in the finance, procurement, and supply chain fields. Come and learn how to unleash the full potential of your Supply Chain, we’ve booked the best spot for you.

Why you should attend 

  • Unique Educational Experience: Hear from our experts and top customers as they share their success (and failure!) cases in a non-commercial atmosphere.

  • Meet with your Industry Peers: Discuss, exchange, and network with your industry peers in the Financial, Logistics, and Supply Chain. We will share with you the attendee list prior to the call so you can know who will you be meeting.

  • Insight into the Future of our Industry: We will be providing insight into what is to be expected in Supply Chain Disruption this year and beyond, this is your chance to speak with many sought after individuals in person to discuss your questions, challenges, and ideas specific to our industry. 

This is an extraordinary one-hour call that provides a unique opportunity to hear the latest disruptions in Supply Chain Innovation, build relationships, and “mind sharing“. 

Companies invited:            




Meet the team:

Jan Verbreuken
Rob van Ipenburg 




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Quyntess is committed to creating better, faster, real-time collaboration processes across global supply chains at all levels of operational excellence and maturity. Our cloud-based service combines the power of B2B networks and web platform technologies to deliver a comprehensive solution for supply chain collaboration and procure-to-pay integration. Companies subscribing to our on-demand service benefit from increased effectiveness, substantial cost savings and improved competitiveness.

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