Thanks for accepting the invitation. Our idea is to take you along in the journey we have embarked on taking the existing Gateway footprint as a departure point. We invite you to go through this outline.

The main topic of this workshop is “Introduction to Quyntess Tradeshift apps” With the upcoming renewal of the Gateway agreement per Jan 1, 2018 we would like to share with the user community of Gateway what we have been working on in parallel over the past 2 years: A new generation of SCM apps that cater to current and future business needs on a open platform.

Agility, adapting to change, user experience and new business models based on sharing are becoming more important than cost savings, efficiency improvements and leadtime reductions. Many of you that are following us closely will have heard about this or may have participated in one of our digital transformation workshops, but now is the time to take an in depth view with a Gateway perspective. We are looking forward to do this in an interactive format together with you: The user group of one of our most experienced customers in our control tower based supply chain solutions, and collect your input and perspective on the viability for the Gateway roadmap.

SCM apps that cater to current & future business needs

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Welcome and Sandwiches
Introduction to QT SCM Apps and Tradeshift platform

This is to understand the new technological enhancement that Quyntess is offering in collaboration with Tradeshift.  Together we will explore how these apps are helping companies to answer to ever-evolving supply chain business needs 

Dive in QT Apps

Demonstration of SCM apps for the business processes on the right in an interactive session

Starting from a Gateway perspective this will give you an overview on the Aps, the progress on the easy of use and available functionality.
Considering the time constraint we priorize interaction and don’t expect to cover the one-to-one comparison between Gateway and the new apps.

Coffe Break  
Supplier Testimonial

QT supply chain apps are already being used by many companies and their partners, including a number of yours. The testimonial or a case study of an existing user will help you explore the experience of real users of these apps.

What’s in the future: Apps in making Sneak preview of new Apps and App extensions Quyntess is proud to be working on and other Apps available in the Tradeshift App Store.
Your vision of future & Roadmap We would also like to know your vision of future and use the Digital Subway Map to collect your individual perspectives and priorities. This is to explore how your supply chains will evolve in future and how the new apps can help you in achieving digital transformation goals.
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Hope to welcome you in the Art Of Living Well: “Cabin in the Woods” in Den Bosch on May, 15th.

Welcome and Sandwiches