Join the webinar on 5th of March and learn more about the benefits of a hybrid B2B integration platform!

Economic trends such as mergers and acquisitions, offshoring, outsourcing, changes in supplier & customer behaviour, speed of technology innovations etc. are re-shaping supply chain management and technology landscapes tremendously. One has to cope with a wide variety of different processes, applications, systems and platforms. Think about establishing hundreds of connections to exchange data electronically with customers, tier 1 & 2 suppliers, production plants, distribution centers, carriers, customs agents and many more supply chain stakeholders. On the other side, mergers and acquisitions result in siloed infrastructures between the various business units itself, making it hard for each entity to exchange the same data with the same supply chain stakeholders.

IT consolidation strategies have been on the CIO's agenda for a long time, but have they all delivered the envisaged benefits and more importantly would they still make sense going forward? The siloed IT infrastructures and mixed B2B collaboration landscapes are becoming expensive & inflexible business models, which no longer are able to meet the criteria of the future state of supply chain network collaboration. Hence, companies are ought to become more flexible, cost-efficient and above all: Highly increase interoperability by using a hybrid B2B collaboration platform!

Top 5 factors causing inflexible B2B integration landscapes:

  • Slow adoption of EDI collaboration with business partners
  • Limited interoperability for existing B2B tools to integrate with other B2B platforms
  • Come-as-we-are: enforced barriers by business partners and service providers on accepted message formats
  • Unpredictable costs charged on both sides: your company & your business partners
  • Inflexibility of business data ownership due to use of proprietary software

Quyntess recognizes the need for an alternative –and above all transparent- B2B integration service model that allows companies to improve their interoperability by enabling coexistence of multiple applications, systems and integration platforms in a fragmented B2B collaboration landscape. During the webinar on 5th of March, we will introduce you to such a model called: Quyntess Interchange Services (QiS).


Join the webinar on 5th of March!

In this webinar we will discuss how the QiS model not only deals with these 5 influencing factors in B2B integration, but also addresses the need for internal distribution of this data converting your Enterprise Application Integration (EAI) or Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) architecture into a hybrid one to become ultimately scalable and more flexible. 

Learn how you can reduce supply chain costs and drive value by improving B2B collaboration with a managed cloud service. Unburden risks, such as high maintenance costs for existing/new connections and recurring changes in standards and formats. As a result of QiS' cloud and open standards based technology, companies can benefit from secure, customizable, re-usable and rights-free content to process supply chain messages electronically. This webinar includes a case study which provides full insight on how QiS improved customer collaboration at a Pan European supplier of products for both professional building industry as well as DIY retail channels. Subscribe now!

Tentative Program:

 Introduction: The current state of Supply Chain Collaboration models
 Value creation:     Moving towards a scalable hybrid B2B integration landscape with QiS 
 Case Study: How the Pan European supplier of products for professional building industry and DIY retail channels accelerates customer collaboration and infuses acquisitions with QiS



Rob van Ipenburg
CEO Quyntess

Manpreet Sachdeva
Integration Consultant QiS

Are you reassessing strategies for your B2B integration roadmap? Do you want to reduce supply chain costs and increase the adoption of B2B integration with your business partners? Join the webinar on 5th of March to learn more about the added value of a hybrid B2B integration platform!

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