Technology has always played a critical role in the business world, particularly in supply chain management. Traditional enterprise software did a good job enabling automation and control of internal records and processes like administration, planning and inventory control.

But the business world has changed drastically and most enterprise and supply chain software hasn’t kept up: It still takes an inside-out approach even when it comes to connecting a business to its supply chain.

Supply chains today need to be fast, global, distributed, networked, information-driven and very much dependent on collaboration and integration; supply chain software must match these needs. Over the last few years, platform technologies have emerged as the logical solution, however, a platform is nothing without an ecosystem.

Webinar details:

Date May 5th, 2015
Time 4 p.m. GMT | 8 a.m. PDT 
Duration 60 minutes 
Sponsored by Tradeshift & Quyntess


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Join this webinar to learn:

  • Why a platform and network-powered approach to enterprise and supply chain software is the only way forward
  • Why Quyntess saw value in building supply chain collaboration apps on the Tradeshift platform
  • What Tradeshift’s vision is for a global ecosystem of buyers, suppliers and partners
  • What platform and network-powered supply chain collaboration looks like
  • How easy and quick it was to develop apps on Tradeshift

The presenters:



Rob van Ipenburg, Managing Partner at Quyntess

Rob is one of Quyntess' founding fathers and shapes and articulates the bottom-up and inside-out Supply Chain Collaboration mission of the company, working with customers and partners. 

 Mihir Nanavati


Mihir Nanavati, Senior Vice President of Product at Tradeshift

Mihir heads up product strategy, engineering, design and more at Tradeshift. His background and expertise is freemium, cloud and mobile product management, design and development within lean startups.