Supply chain and finance executives, innovation managers, and industry partners gathered in Schiphol, Amsterdam, May 19 to meet the executive teams of Tradeshift and Quyntess for the Supply Chain Management Executive Forum on Network Powered Collaboration. This supply chain-focused event organized by Tradeshift and Quyntess delivered ideas, solutions, and networking opportunities to all executives who attended.

In the old control tower at Schiphol industry leaders were inspired by:

 Christian Lanng

Christian Lanng, CEO and Co-Founder of Tradeshift
Prior to Tradeshift, Christian was instrumental in the creation of PEPPOL, the framework for e-business used by 14 European governments. Christian is a menber of the Global Agenda Council on the Future of IT Software & Services, World Economic Forum. He also serves as a young advisor to European Union VP Neelie Kroes.

Rob Color

Rob van Ipenburg, Managing Director at Quyntess
Rob is one of Quyntess' founding fathers and shapes and articulates the bottom-up and inside-out Supply Chain Collaboration mission of the company, working with customers and partners. 

Christian Lanng and Rob van Ipenburg discussed with the attendees how they could innovate within their own business and supply chain collaboration leveraging the Business Network and the Open Platform Tradeshift provides. Christian Lanng focused on accelerating innovation in business and how a business network increases strategic agility. Rob van Ipenburg illustrated how supply chain collaboration could be simplified with a dedicated app built on the platform and how this helps customers to innovate their processes in areas that were previously not even imagined by the creators of the Platform. In the panel discussion attendees shared their views on innovation in business and supply chain collaboration.

Photo impression of the SCM Executive Forum event

photo impressionscm executive forum
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