As an experienced integration service provider, Quyntess knows best how powerful business networks can leverage your supply chain collaboration towards each and every business partner. By succesfully completing the certification process as a Peppol Access Point Provider, Quyntess is extending its interoperable supply chain solutions for businesses that require Peppol standards in their procurement processes throughout Europe.

Simplifying crossborder electronic procurement
Peppol (Pan European Public Procurement Online) enables European trading partners to simply exchange standards-based electronic documents with any European public sector buyer in their procurement processes. The OpenPeppol Network relies on a 4-corner model which offers interoperable standards for the complete electronic procurement cycle, ranging from electronic orders, electronic advance shipping notes, electronic invoices, electronic catalogues to electronic message responses, etc. 

Connect once, connect all
All organisations registered to Peppol, whether it's a government entity, a business client, a supplier, a contractor, an integration service provider (like Quyntess) or maybe tax authorities, can exchange procurement related documents electronically supported the OASIS Universal Business Language (UBL) format. As a licensed Peppol Access Point Provider, Quyntess allows organisations to simply exchange Peppol compliant documents with their business partners through this B2G crossborder e-procurement network with only one simple plug-and-play connection which is now available as a cloud service.

Peppol benefits and future expansion
The number of organisations requiring e-invoices through the Peppol network is continuously increasing, mainly because the network is extremely safe, transparent and compliant to government requirements like the authentication via unique Peppol ID's, archiving capabilities and audit trail in 29 countries. Peppol improves cashflows as procurement related documents are delivered electronically, invoice management and settlements can therefore even be processed sooner. The fast on-boarding rate and open business network also delivers lower costs, data transparency and better traceability.    

More information
Do you want to receive more information regarding this topic or do you want to start sending Peppol compliant messages to your business partners? Feel free to contact us to learn more about our integration capabilities.