Quyntess, the leading provider of Supply Chain Management solutions for business-to-business integration and collaboration, co-presented a case study and hosted a panel discussion at the Marcus Evans event, Purchase-To-Pay Strategy Workshop, in Amsterdam.

Rob van Ipenburg was accompanied by 3 other panelists and together they hosted a panel discussion about: "Supply Management in a Digital world".

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The expert panel divided the topic "Supply Management in the digital world" in three parts: keywords, what is supplier management and ended the panel discussion with key takeaways of the two P2P Strategy Workshop conference days. We gathered all input we received from panel members, delagates and summarized the insights in the presentation below:


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Quyntess simplifies multi-channel supply chain visibility and collaboration for global customers running complex supply chains. By combining the power of business-to-business integration networks and web portal technology, Quyntess delivers a flexible cloud-based service in support of global supply chain collaboration. In addition to integrating supply chains, Quyntess is also offering intelligent solutions in the area of Supply Chain Event Management, Electronic Invoicing and Carbon Footprint Management. Quyntess is headquartered in Gorinchem, The Netherlands, with several operating offices across Europe. For more information, please visit www.quyntess.com


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