Whether you are in supply chain, procurement, accounts payable or IT, the concept of a platform and a network of connected businesses is likely to impact your function and most definitely will impact your company.


  • Supply Chain: You know that your supply chain needs to be agile, networked, collaborative and information-driven. How does your current technology support this?
  • Procurement: You know the value you can bring to the business by managing more of your organizations spend. What if you could manage direct, indirect and services spend in one place?
  • Accounts Payable: You know that paper and manual processes slow you down. What if you could easily and quickly connect to all your suppliers and migrate them to e-invoicing? PO, non-PO, small,  large…all.
  • IT: You know the value of a single technology platform for all your supplier interactions. What if there was a platform that easily integrates to your ERP system and enables rapid deployment of new functionality via Apps?

Quyntess has built and published its SCM Order Collaboration App on the open Tradeshift platform and is about to launch more Apps in the near future for all core SCM processes. Watch this webinar to learn more about what a network-powered platform means for your business, your supply chain and your function.


Rob Color
Rob van Ipenburg, Managing Director, Quyntess
Rob is one of Quyntess’ founding fathers and shapes and articulates the bottom-up and inside-out Supply Chain Collaboration mission of the company, working with customers and partners.

mihir nanavati
Mihir Nanavati, SVP of Product, Tradeshift
Mihir heads up product strategy, engineering, design and more at Tradeshift. His background and expertise is in freemium, cloud and mobile product management, design and development within lean startups.

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