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As a supply chain player, you already might have chosen to automate business processes with your supply chain partners. In fact, investments probably have been made years ago to roll out your B2B integration initiatives. However, the world of B2B integration for supply chains is continuously evolving with today's fast moving technology shifts and ever-expanding supply chains. Where companies used to have their integration tools on premise or even make use of costly point-to-point integration methods, Integration Service Providers (ISP's) have taken over the market with new B2B networks and service models. The massive adoption of these networks in the market has led to many mergers and acquisitions by world's leading IT mega vendors. Consequently, this hype is leaving you behind with many risks associated with an IT vendor consolidation process and forces you to make difficult choices of which ISP to select to reduce costs, limit risks and in the meantime increase operational excellence. What if you have come to the point to change your current B2B integration strategy? Which compelling advantages and what level of service would you expect?

Following the 5 principles of QiS:

  • Come as you are
    Keep your existing IT architecture, while accelerating business partner on-boarding.
  • Connect once, connect all
    Low maintenance effort and hyper connectivity allows synergy throughout the entire supply chain.
  • Integration Platform as a Service (iPaaS)
    Full managed service with excellent SLA accelerates time to benefit from solution.
  • Pay per use
    Scalable, transparent and fixed all-in cost model with no upfront investments.
  • Open Sharing Platform
    Open Source model avoids vendor lock-in on proprietary technology.

Introducing Quyntess Interchange Services (QiS)

Quyntess recognizes the need of an alternative -and above all transparent- B2B integration service model. With more than 10 years of experience in Supply Chain Management solutions, Quyntess is standing on the forefront of B2B network evolution to support better, faster and real time collaboration processes across global organizations at all levels of operational excellence and supply chain maturity. With Quyntess Interchange Services (QiS) companies are offered a flexible B2B integration solution based on the "Come as you are" (CAYA) principle. CAYA limits change impact on your existing IT architecture. Complying with the CAYA approach enables powerful end-to-end collaboration, irrespective of which ERP system you or your business partners currently are using. With the ease of the plug-and-play capability, you can reach your entire supply chain as easy as getting water from the tap. Additionally, QiS promotes extensive use and fast adoption by onboarding key supply chain partners within a matter of weeks.  

QiS Graphic

Taking care of your B2B integration challenges

QiS is a managed cloud service, which is brought to you with an extremely flexible pricing model. Unlike with costly proprietary software or complicated ISP subscription models with limited coverage, you only pay for the business process connection that you are using to exchange electronic data with your business partners. The QiS Integration Platform as a Service (iPaaS) model is unburdening risks, such as complex and time consuming implementations, high maintenance costs for existing/new connections and recurring changes in standards and formats. Most importantly, QiS consists of flexible Open Source software and is using the Universal Business Language (UBL) standards, which results in secure, customizable and re-usable content. Consequently, all QiS business process content is qualified for the Common Public Attribution License (CPAL, a free software license approved by the Open Source Initiative in 2007) and allows full ownership of the content source code. In contrary to the license lock-in for proprietary technology, QiS's open source technology gives you full control of your business data and excludes switching barriers to future ISP vendors (including insourcing capability). 

Supporting your Supply Chain Collaboration goals

With today's continuously changing demand patterns, it is essential for companies to understand, control and moreover reduce the total cost to serve their customers. Quyntess has a unique focus on providing seamless multi-channel supply chain visibility and collaboration solutions as a service to companies running complex supply chains. This approach enables companies to move beyond a silo based approach and accomplish a seamlessly integrated Supply Chain Management network to connect any processes and technologies involved within the entire supply chain, may it be related to supplier collaboration, logistics or customer collaboration. With its extensive Service Level Agreement, Quyntess is truly adding value and has a proven track record in B2B integration projects in many different industries, such as Discrete Manufacturing, Logistics Service Providers, Life Sciences, CPG, Retail and Wholesale.

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