Network outreach, powered by +1.5 million companies

Maximize the power of your existing connection: “Network outreach” leverages the scale of the Tradeshift network to help you to optimize your digital transaction flow. Network Outreach now gives the initiative to you to be proactive towards other businesses rather than reactive. You already gained access to this Hyperloop through one of our customers, now just switch on more connections through our network.

With Network Outreach exclusive services, you get:

Seamless Integration

Streamline interactions with suppliers or customers lowering your set-up and operating cost by at least 50%. All from your existing connection; without any change or adjustment to the standards of your extra partners.

Priority support

Take pressure off IT with our dedicated connect & support team. Connecting businesses: This is what we do. Contact us by phone, email or chat—we’re ready to help.

Speed and Accuracy

Low implementation time because of this existing connection, Improved organization’s data quality also eliminating the need to re-work orders, delivering at least a 30% to 40% reduction in transactions with errors.

Save Money on initial set-up costs

We will waive any initial set-up cost during our launch phase. You only pay subscription cost per additional customer/supplier you connect.

Try it out

Initially connect to 5 customers that you haven’t connected yet using your existing integration broker or inhouse resources.

Interested to know how this possible?

Being connected to the network on your customer/supplier (thick arrows) initiative opens access to every other company on the network (thin arrows).The existing interface is fully re-usable, regardless of the target format you customer/supplier actually uses.

5 extra Customers/Suppliers?