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In a digital economy, it is crucial to maintain procurement operations consistently executed at Internet speed. And today, more than ever, market leaders recognize that is key to an intelligent enterprise, ensuring that procurement processes keep running at optimal levels of performance and efficiency.

Quyntess SCM apps are now available in the Tradeshift App store. Our SCM software helps you to extend electronic collaboration for:

  • Order Collaboration offers a fully synchronized and workflow driven order management process.
  • Forecast & Delivery Schedule allows buyers to share their demand forecasts electronically.
  • E-Logistics allows suppliers to automate and manage their outbound logistics processes for shipments.
  • Carrier Collaboration enables ASN-data and real-time Track & Trace data exchange. 
  • 360 ̊ EDI an open source integration solution to connect all future partners to your business network.

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Tradeshift platform quyntess scm

A scalable solution that simplifies procurement

Quyntess apps (powered by the Tradeshift ecosystem) automate all supply chain processes at once through a single connection. Enable you to visualize, proactively monitor, and improve your procurement processes. Our SaaS platform integrates with any ERP system, any business partner within your procure to pay environment gets full end-to-end visibility over all the procurement process:

  • Forecasts
  • Purchase Orders
  • Order Confirmations
  • Inventory levels
  • Advance Ship Notice (ASN)
  • Electronic invoicing messages

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