“I'm an optimist, but an optimist who carries a raincoat” is a famous quote from Harold Wilson. What about you? Are you carrying one as well for your supply chain? The weather forecast is proverbially fickle, but so are politics and international trade policies.

Very recently we docked Fokker Landing Gear and its supplier base to our Quyntess SCM apps on the Tradeshift platform. Within 4 months from take-off the flight arrived on time with all passengers on board and in good shape.

This week we started testing our Inventory Collaboration app on the Tradeshift Platform. I'm a supply chain as well as a skating enthusiast and I was struck by the image above when I was watching the team pursuit of the women between the Netherlands and Japan where Japan won gold in the final. Supply Chain Inventory is like the Olympics of supply chain management.

While cruising over the slopes of the Sella Massive in Italy last week I frequently checked the daily performance throughout the day. The covered distance, height differences, average speed, max speed and locations we came across were all available to us in a nicely graphed online interface based on the unique id and chip of our ski passes.

Supply Chain Management is the active management of the supply chain process to maximize customer value and achieve a sustainable competitive advantage. Supply chain managers must create and maintain efficient and effective supply chain methods to keep the stakeholders and customers happy. Each decision a supply chain manager makes affects sales across local and international markets, either positively or negatively, and ultimately impacts your ROI. To become a "best in class" organization it is key that you are up to date with the latest trends, best practice, and tools available to simplify your supply chain collaboration.

Tectonic shifts are following on to each other quickly in Europe, the dinosaurs of Eurassic park are nervously running around! Greece, refugee crisis, Brexit and Dutch narrow escape from extreme right political take over. What is all happening? If you read the news headlines you would tend to believe it’s the political system going crazy and the spotlight is on the roaring dino’s even worldwide outside our cozy park: Trump, Kim Jong-un, need I say more?