Distributing electronic invoices is rapidly becoming a reality as more companies seek to improve efficiency, reduce costs and automate supply chain processes with their customers and partners. This e-billing solution for SAP customers offers you a comprehensive one-stop-shop solution that fully integrates all discrete steps across your entire SAP financial management cycle, including accounting, treasury, financial reporting, disputes and claims and compliance systems. This automated and standardized solution offers you a comprehensive SAP certified processing cycle for e-billing in SAP:

process flow e-billing

On-boarding Business Partner, including profile creation

Customer e-billing preference updates for delivery in SAP system

Receive data from SAP system

e-Billing in PDF 
(if necessary)

e-Billing format validation (IDOC, XML, UBL, PDF)

Content validation check for email address, country information

Compliance checks  for changes in legal regulations

Digital signature validation for e-billing

Send documents via EDI or email

Self-service e-billing portal for customers

Self-archive signed documents in SAP system

What are your benefits?

  • Already 60.000+ enterprises on the SAP e-billing network
  • Reduced implementation and support costs due to pre-built integration with SAP backend systems for accounts receivables
  • One single e-billing network: send all electronic invoices to any business partner in any format they demand via EDI or through a customized self-service customer portal
  • Continuous verification of documents and digital signatures for all outgoing invoices according to legal compliance requirements in 38+ countries, including all Europe and Latin America
  • 50-70% lower cost per outgoing electronic invoice: save on paper, printing, postage and handling costs
  • Ability to dispatch large volumes of invoices from shared-service centers
  • Improved DSO, reduced error rate and improved data accuracy
  • Ensuring timely invoice delivery to your customers, with automated e-billing processes in SAP
  • Guaranteed SLA and managed services

Why this e-Billing solution?

With SAP e-Invoicing for Compliance we can promise you that integrating your accounts receivable processes will be as easy as getting water from the tap: a service that is available for anyone against interesting low and variable costs for usage.

We can help you to implement a fully integrated solution portfolio to connect electronically at once with all your business partners through SAP. One solution portfolio that supports your enterprise software strategy: standardized, leveraging already made investments, improving financial processes, value added services and more.

Quyntess, your e-Billing expert

Quyntess has many years of experience with e-billing and financial supply chain processes. As an official SAP special expertise partner focusing exclusively on inbound and outbound SAP electronic invoicing processes we provide an one stop shop with SAP products (such as SAP Biller Direct, OpenText and SAP Electronic Invoicing for Compliance) covered by SAP maintenance, yet leveraging our long standing special expertise from esteemed references such as Stork, DSM, Sabic, Marel and Danone.

Do you want to gain more end-to-end visibility with e-Billing solution?

You already might have some experience with e-billing in your operations. Perhaps you have implemented some form of PDF invoices which are being sent to customers or even EDI connections. If you are interested to convert ALL of your invoices from paper to digital and get the benefits from an integrated SAP financial supply chain, contact our inside sales department directly.

Navigate to our free download section to learn more about the SAP Electronic Invoicing for Compliance whitepaper or read more about the analyst insights of Aberdeen Group.