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Do you experience some of the following issues in your supply chain?

  • Communicate changes in order patterns effectively from your customers to your suppliers?
  • Unnecessary high stock levels in your purchasing and supply chain management due to the unpredictable order fulfillment patterns of your suppliers?
  • Time lost on managing internal and external order changes?
  • Insufficient insight into projected inventory balances due to limited information exchange with your suppliers, which results into:
    - Incapability to react quickly to changes due to many administrative constraints.
    - Wasting time in processing critical product information.
    - High manufacturing costs due to changes in the forecast.

Increase your supply chain visibility by seamlessly integrating our supplier portal to your ERP. Your staff can maintain their existing processes in the internal ERP system, regardless if the Purchase Order is sent by paper, e-mail, fax or via the Supplier Portal. Additionally, incoming messages, such as Order Response and Despatch Advice do not have to be processed manually anymore. Apart from these administrative savings this helps streamline both internal and external processes in order to limit the occurrence of errors in your Supply Chain. Collaboration with all your supply chain partners like customers, suppliers, carriers etc. based on end-to-end supply chain visibility enables you to act and react faster on changes caused by your supply chain partners.

Supply Chain Visibility

Advantages of Supply Chain Visibility:

  • End-to-end supply chain visibility of the complete procure-to-pay processes in your supplier portal, within and outside your corporate boundaries.
  • Saving costs and optimizing supplier collaboration with the help of a fully-integrated and workflow of management processes.
  • Performance management of your suppliers and partners based on up to date KPI's.
  • Ability to react immediately on exceptions and changes with supply chain optimization.
  • Improved supplier collaboration.
  • Fully white labeled to your company's look and feel: Your Portal!

Quyntess helps you to improve your supply chain visibility:

  • Streamlining the operational processes between yourself and all of your Supply Chain partners: supporting supply chain collaboration with your suppliers, customers and logistic partners.
  • Seamless supplier integration with on-demand EDI connections to EDI capable suppliers and a supplier portal for non-EDI partners.
  • Compelling business case because of on-demand subscription model with volume based pricing. No software, no investment upfront. Scalable and reliable.

Are you curious how you can improve yoursupply chain visibility with our supplier portal? Would you like to know more about our capabilities for implementing this in conjunction with processes in your ERP system? Integrate your supply chain and improve the cooperation with your suppliers. Receive our factsheet now or contact one of our consultants.

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