Learn more how to effectively digitize B2B integration and drive superior supply chain value & efficiency!

Learn how you can reduce supply chain costs and drive value by improving B2B collaboration with a hybrid platform. This webinar includes a live panel with clients which provides full insights on current & desired B2B Integration solutions within current ERP Systems.

The topic of this webinar is Digital Transformation and how to unlock the full potential without reinventing the entire supply chain. Agility, adapting to change and new business models based on sharing information are becoming more important than cost savings and lead time reductions.

Join the Digital Transformation webinar on 22th of February!

Today’s manufacturers face a constant challenge of balancing supply chain efficiency with the investment placed in their current B2B integration platform. To try and get a better understanding whether the B2B integration in place impacts the performance of a supply chain, Quyntess invited one of their clients and it’s supplier to talk about their experiences with their B2B integration.

This webinar includes an interactive discussion with a live panel which provides full insight how customer collaboration works at a Pan European supplier of products for both professional building industry as well as DIY retail channels. 


Introduction: The current state of Supply Chain Collaboration models
Live discussion: Live Panel: “Current & desired B2B Integration solutions within current ERP Systems”




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Rob van Ipenburg
CEO Quyntess

Supplier Supplier of Supplier Customer

Are you reassessing strategies for your Digital Transformation roadmap? Do you want to reduce supply chain costs and increase the adoption of B2B integration with your business partners? Join the webinar on the 22th of February to learn more about the added value of an optimized B2B integration!