Supply Chain Management is the active management of the supply chain process to maximize customer value and achieve a sustainable competitive advantage. Supply chain managers must create and maintain efficient and effective supply chain methods to keep the stakeholders and customers happy. Each decision a supply chain manager makes affects sales across local and international markets, either positively or negatively, and ultimately impacts your ROI. To become a "best in class" organization it is key that you are up to date with the latest trends, best practice, and tools available to simplify your supply chain collaboration.

To help supply chain managers and businesses to ensure their supply chain management processes, we've spent hours whittling the conferences & events down to a top 20 European supply chain management events in 2018. These conferences tackle some of the most controversial and challenging topics facing supply chain management teams today, including S&OP, Inventory management, supplier management, digital transformation, and more. Our top picks feature keynotes from recognized leaders, networking opportunities, practical, actionable advice for supply chain management leaders.

We have included events taking place in 2018 in Europe so that you can choose that best fits your interests and schedule. Please note, we have listed our top 20 supply chain conferences based on their date, not ranked or rated in any way and if our team members are planning to attend.

Dates  Type  Event  Organizer  Location  Attending
30-31 Jan Conference Digital Supply Chain Conference SCM Amsterdam (NL)  
31 Jan - 1 Feb Summit Supply Chain Finance Summit BCR Frankfurt (DE)  
12-14 Feb  Conference 14th Annual Advancing S&OP to Integrated Business Planning Marcus Evans TBA  
13 Feb  Workshop 600 Minutes Supply Chain ME Köln (DE)  
26 Feb - 1 Mar Conference Global Pharma Supply Chain Congress BME Frankfurt (DE)  
12 Mar Forum Digital Leadership Circle: "Strategic Procurement in a Digital Age" TS & QT Düsseldorf (DE)  Yes
19-21 Mar Forum  CIO Leadership Forum Gartner Amsterdam (NL)  
22 Mar Workshop Digital Transformation Workshop QT Berlin (DE)  Yes
22 Mar  Conference  Supply Chain Innovations Value Chain Lint (BE)  
19 Apr  Forum Supply Chain Day 2018 BVL Luxembourg   
27 Apr  Forum  14. Logistik & SCM Gipfel Dialogum Mönchengladbach  
24 May Workshop Digital Transformation Executive Workshop (VIP event) QT Gent  Yes
15-16 May  Conference Internet of Supply Chain IOSC Berlin  
24 May Workshop  inNOWvate Supply Chain SCM Amersfoort  
4-6 Jun Summit  20th Annual EMEA Supply Chain & Logistics Summit & Expo 2018  Clarion  Amsterdam  Maybe
5 Jun  Conference  Effective Supply Chain Finance  Eurofinance Brussels   
8-10 Jul Forum SCM Leaders Forum SCM World London  
17-19 Sep  Workshop P2P, Robotics and AI Workshops (P2P Series) ME Amsterdam Maybe
Oct Conference Connect to innovate* VNSG  Den Bosch Yes 
26-28 Nov Summit European Supply Chain Management Strategies Summit  M&SC Berlin   

*still to be confirmed in 2018