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integration servicesTop 5 reasons for our customers to start a Supply Chain Integration project with us:

  1. Fast processing and elimination of mistakes in orders, order confirmations and invoices
  2. Saving administration costs due to eliminating paper based processes
  3. Supply chain integration services offers an improved relationship with their suppliers and/or customers
  4. Improved management of complex processes, more changes and shorter order horizons
  5. Sharing relevant information with partners in the supply chain in an effective and structured way

Top 3 reasons why 80% of the companies are integrated with only 12% of the partners within their supply chain:

  1. integratedElectronic connections require special message formats and mappings and complex technical connections to systems. This is time consuming and hard to establish and maintain.
  2. Integrating supply chain processes is not a "sexy" initiative with boardroom attention.
  3. Integrating a Supply Chain Network is mainly a job for (rare) IT experts, not for business users.

Benefits of a supply chain integration service:

  1. Already more than 60.000 enterprises available on this SAP Information Interchange platform
  2. Integrate any data format despite of the technical connection of your business partner: connect once = connect all
  3. Automatic maintenance for changes at business partners
  4. Guaranteed SLA and managed services
  5. Available on-demand
  6. Full integration with your back end ERP system

What are your reasons?

With our integration services we can promise you that integrating your supply chain could be as easy as getting water from the tap or electricity from the wall socket: a service that is available for anyone against interesting low and variable costs for usage.

Our customers for whom we recently have realized supply chain integration services are without exclusion part of international supply chain and know how important it is to focus on their own core competence and rely on efficient communication with their supply chain partners. Our customers consider our expertise of integration as a service as the main reasons to partner with Quyntess. We help our customers to implement a fully integrated supply chain solution: easy, reliable, and accessible, without 1-on-1 EDI connections or integration software you need to configure and run. And this comes against attractive and variable costs.

Do you want to know how our supply chain integration services can fit in your current IT landscape? Contact us for an appointment with one of our supply chain consultants.

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