Fundrunner - Our Social Networking initative to support 

The beauty of Fundrunner is that it allows users to share their activities and allow friends to take part in their journey. Just as we share parts of our lives on Facebook, we also want to share our accomplishments and challenges online if it comes to fundraising. People will be more willing to log their activity and share it with their friends if they contribute to a charity of their choice.

Quyntess was looking for a social networking intiative in which they could involve their employees and support several charities. Every logged kilometer by the QT employees and their partners will be converted into a charitable donation of chairty for one of the available charities.  

Fundrunner Video

To encourage the usage of Fundrunner Quyntess hosted the QT Fundrunner Challenge in 2015 in which different corporate teams competed in challenges and a final challenge to have the most logged activities and combined activities. The first QT Fundrunner Challenge is won by the Satellite team: Franck Verchere, Wouter Pas, Manpreet Sachdeva, Stéphane Marchandon, Rita Varnai and Sandrine Balavoine.

Charities that are supported by Quyntess:

HelpVluchtelingen #HelpVluchteling
Alzheimer NL Alzheimer NL
Rode Kruis Red Cross
Topsport For Live Topsport for Live


Fundrunner Mobile App:

 Fundrunner App Fundrunner - the newest sports app on your smartphone that allows you to track your outside activities (i.e. cycling, walking, running, skating, etc). The beauty of this app that you can instantly convert every logged kilometer in a donation for a charity of your choice. The only obligation is to post your activity and sponsor message on one of the pre-selected social networks.

Want to learn more about Fundrunner and how you can support one of the many charity programs? Download the app in the Google Play or Apple iTunes store or click here.