Join the Digital Transformation event on the 21st of February and learn more about Digital Transformation in your Supply Chain!

We are pleased to invite senior professionals and executives from all over the region of Copenhagen, for a high profile gathering of refreshing, new thought leadership and collaborative discussion of the game-changing impact of digital transformation and innovation in supply chain and logistics management.

Your customers have become increasingly mobile in the fulfillment of their needs. As a business, it is your challenge to facilitate their experience across all possible physical and digital touchpoints. Becoming a company that is easy to work with over many processes should not only be reflected on the customer side. If you succeed in achieving the same collaboration improvements on the supplier and logistics partner side, in the end the customer will benefit much more.

The topic of this Digital Leadership event is Digital Transformation and how to unlock the full potential without reinventing the entire supply chain. Agility, adapting to change and new business models based on sharing information are becoming more important than cost savings and lead time reductions.

The Digital Transformation Agenda

For many executives, business agility is a key priority for 2019. Supply chain and procurement are two particular areas that can have a tremendous impact on overall agility. Digitizing processes, connecting buyers, suppliers and logistics service providers, improving collaboration and much more.

Join the conversation with leading experts and like-minded professionals in this relaxed atmosphere; exchange ideas and debate key issues around supply chain digitization.

This event is ideal for senior leaders in the procurement, logistics and supply chain field.

Program: – SCM Workshop “Digital Transformation in Supply Chain”

12:45 Registration & Networking lunch
13:15 Introduction game
13:45 Interactive Keynote
14:00 Workshop #1: Serious Game: Foster Photography Spirit
15:00 Coffee Break
15:15 Workshop #2: Building a Digital Subway map for your Supply Chain
16:15 Wrap-up: Conclusion & Live Panel


 Rob van Ipenburg

 Jan  Peter Klein
Rob van Ipenburg
Supply Chain Collaboration Leader
Jan Verbreuken
Supply Chain Collaboration Expert
Peter Klein
Digital Transformation Collaboration Expert

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