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Senior Business Consultant at Quyntess

Roeland is a real Supply Chain Senior working in the supply chain arena already for many years. After working as an ERP-developer and Product Manager for a number of years he made the switch to supply chain thinking and during the early 90s he started to work for InfoPower. He migrated with the InfoPower team to Synquest and later Viewlocity, ending up as Senior Business Consultant with Quyntess. The focus in all these years has been on implementing and unveilling the power and added value of supply chain collaboration in complex supply chains. 

A big part of this task is trying to understand and also let prospects understand what the real issues are and where the solutions and benefits can be found in supply chain collaboration. He also emphasizes during implementation phases on the importance of knowledge exchange. The main goal is to let the adagio of Single Version of Truth/ Single Version of Process be the driver for supply chain improvements in many different disciplines.