Quyntess Ongoing Services

Integration as a Service

Our integration services focus on two areas: integration with your in-house systems and integration between our platform and your partners' systems. Our solution communicates with your internal systems such as ERP, WMS and TMS and allows you to integrate to our supply chain collaboration solutions via the existing interface points for these applications. You can use the service without having to adapt your data formats to our definitions (APIs). We call this "first mile integration". The result is a single gateway to all of the other systems and your partners in the supply chain. We achieve external integration via system-to-system interfaces between external partners and our platform. We can also manage the process of on-boarding these partners on your behalf. Our solution effectively decouples your internal IT from changes in the systems used by your supply chain partners and the associated IT changes and testing processes. We provide this service via our dedicated team of Integration Specialists and third parties as required.

Managed Service

Our hosted solution puts a secure working platform for you and your supply chain partners and ensures that the service operates independently of your internal IT department. From our advanced data centres, we provide professional hosting services for some of the most demanding supply chain customers. We use state-of-the-art technology such as virtualization and big data storage to ensure availability, scalability and performance. This includes all of the underlying technical components that are required such as hardware, operating systems, installation and upgrades, firewalls, data storage, etc. Our managed service is subject to a Service Level Agreement (SLA), which defines performance in terms of commitments to solution availability, response times to incidents and other measurable factors.

Software Licenses

We source standard applications from within our partner portfolio. These vendors have a proven track record in the market. The use of standard applications assures service continuity and allows us to continually upgrade to new releases as they become available. This policy reduces our customers' Time to Benefit, as fully configured working software is available from day one. Furthermore, customers are not exposed to software development costs and implementation cycles.

Support and Helpdesk

Our goal is to support operational users in the supply chain on an ongoing basis. Users can contact our helpdesk if they experience difficulties when using the application and refer questions or issues to our experienced helpdesk staff, or log them via our ticket system. Hosting the solution ensures availability of the application on the one hand, and our support and maintenance service ensures that your solutions can always be used effectively on the other hand. Our dedicated support team is fully trained in all customer implementations. Instead of being referred to an FAQ resource when you have a question, you receive a prompt and appropriate answer from our helpdesk, or possibly a third line expert. Our support team is committed to ensuring execution of your supply chain processes. We hold 'Service Reviews' with customers on an ongoing basis in order to evaluate the support process, carry out root cause analyses on recurrent issues and manage implementation of a continuous improvement process with designated key business owners.